Questions about Donald answered

Donald Jenkins
Donald Jenkins is an Anglo-French mandarin writing on tech subjects, based in 228 Park Avenue S, New York, NY 10003 and/or Paris. The best way to get his immediate attention is Twitter, but you can also email him if you absolutely have to. Or subscribe to the RSS feed.

How long have you been blogging about tech?
I’ve been writing primarily about tech since about 2007, a natural consequence of an interest in the subject acquired since I switched to the Mac in 2003—although I started blogging in 2005.
What are the subjects you most write about?
Subjects I’m passionate about include code, good web design, yet also Net neutrality and a better understanding by government of the issues underlying the Internet. But topics on this site (have a look in the sidebar) include Apple in general and a lot of Apple-related stuff, like iOS, the Mac and any piece of hardware with an apple on it, especially if I can make phone calls with it. I also frequently look at blogging techniques and current trends in social networks. This reflects a conviction that everything's intertwined nowadays: you can’t grasp the wider issues underlying tech if you won’t look both under the bonnet and at the wider picture.
You sound very cosmopolitan. It’s rather hard to work out where you’re from.
I’ve lived in a number of places including, in no particular order, England, Switzerland, South Africa and, more recently, France and the United States. I was born in Geneva, Switzerland, where I went to school initially and became completely bilingual—but my home, roots, kith and kin are all emphatically in the Anglosphere: I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at , and have spent so much time in New York that it’s now my second home, or arguably my first depending on how you look at it. Yet I’m also a graduate of France’s —so, yes, you’re right, I guess it’s complicated.
You’re also not a typical tech blogger. I’ve seen several blog posts here about current affairs and economic issues. Where did you develop those other interests?
They’re hardly side interests! I first indulged my taste for politics and current affairs—occasionally still reflected in this blog—at Oxford at the , and then as a student in Paris, where I was President of .
So what do you actually do? You told me you had a background in merchant banking, but what did you do next?
Since entering the service of the French Government, I’ve worked as an administrator successively in the finance, media, cultural and diplomatic fields. But I’ve always regarded tech, finance and government as inextricably linked: I’m at my best when I can stay connected with all sides of the picture.
Where else can one find you on the web?
I’ve got a fairly active (full details in the sidebar), but I like to keep it focused: I blog—slightly irregularly—on this site, but I update my account pretty much daily and although I’m hardly a distinguished photographer, I have a well-replenished profile.