Google’s Search plus your World: perhaps not so evil after all

When Google shipped its Search, plus Your World update earlier this month, it turned out better than expected. Google left users the ability to click back and forth between personal and global modes or opt out altogether. [...]

Google does make some effort to identify content from other networks. But some SPYW features only highlight Google+ material, even when other services are more relevant. If Google favors its own product over a better result, users get the short end of the stick. [...] But what about Google+ users? For them, Google+ results are the better result. Arguably, Google should cater to them, as users of its service.

(ReadWriteWeb, It's Not Wrong for Google to Focus on Its Own Users)

I've been feeling from the beginning that criticism of Google suddenly turning evil, of which this post is a good example, is misplaced: you can opt out of Google Search, plus Your World; and if you have a Google+ account, it unquestionably makes your search results better. I've actually found Google Search results have improved very significantly since I complained about them just under a year ago.