Building your own custom Modernizr

It was while implementing version 1.0 of Alex Santon's clever Yepnope polyfill that I realised you could actually customise Modernizr to use just the features you need in your site. Really neat: here's how to do it.

The cool bit is that Modernizr also provides you with a JavaScript API that can tell you whether or not a feature is available, including a few features that don’t show up in the <html> tag classes


There’s still a slight problem here, though. If a browser does support the placeholder attribute, I’m still requiring it to download a bunch of code that does nothing but emulate that attribute’s behavior. I’m sure you’ll agree this is a little wasteful! Enter yepnope.js. Yepnope loads scripts if certain conditions are met. The best part is that it integrates beautifully with Modernizr, so everything just snaps into place.


The new custom Modernizr builder allows you to bundle yepnope right into Modernizr, so let’s do that. Head over to [...] Click Generate, and then Download Build to grab your custom Modernizr library.