Posts or Links

What especially sets The Out and About apart is its feed format. Because not only do the Link Post titles point directly to the linked-to content, but so do those in the RSS feed.

(Shawn Blanc, The Link Post)

There's been a tendency over the past couple of years for people to imitate John Gruber, Shawn Blanc, Ben Brooks and Justin Blanton, all of whom intersperse their own blog posts with links to stories they have found elsewhere.

They do this in a variety of ways which are described in Shawn Blanc's post quoted above, and which I won't detail for you again here. Still, in effect, what all of them are doing here is acting as curators for content produced by third parties.

I've been curating a links list for some time already, of course, on this site, consisting of a reformated aggregation of links from my Twitter and Google Reader feeds. I'm continuing with this after the site revamp completed a few days ago, but I've taken advantage of the fact that I had to rewrite the code for the site from scratch to configure it so I could also, very occasionally, post commented links to stories I find both particularly interesting and directly linked to content I have already written about, or intend to write about, myself: in other words, content that has a clear fit with my own site's content.

I promise I won't be doing this often—and certainly much less often than the bloggers I have mentioned—so as not to clog up people's RSS feeds (you can always choose from a range of RSS feeds if the standard one isn't suited to your needs).

But it will also fill in the occasional period when I don't have time to write fully-fledged blog posts as regularly as I ideally should.

Links (as opposed to posts) will be clearly marked as such in both the blog and the RSS feed, and will link directly (the 'Out and About' style of link as defined by Shawn Blanc) to the story I've briefly commented, instead of having their own permalink, à la Daring Fireball. The original Links section of the site will continued to aggregate all my linked content and won't be included in the main RSS Feed.