New Year resolutions

I am sorry I wrote nothing at all in the fourth quarter of 2008. I was planning to write, among other topics, about Iran, South Africa, the French Constitution, Summorum Pontificum, and the American presidential election. None of this has yet materialised because, annoyingly, other more personal issues intervened and kept me away from the blog, which doesn’t mean I didn’t keep busy on other fronts. Of course, I'm a pretty efficient web 2.0 user, so it’s always possible to keep track of me when I'm not in a mood to post here: on Twitter, where I post daily, Flickr, or, if I actually know you in real life, on Facebook and even keeping track of what I enjoyed reading on the web. I spent a lot of the time in 2008 travelling. I worked in South Africa initially, which was interesting. Because I find France a rather tiresome place to live in nowadays, I then spent a fair amount of time criss-crossing the Atlantic, which work had not left time to do in recent years, and rediscovering my Anglospheric roots. I was given a surprise Christmas which was the best I have had since my last family Christmas five years ago. My trip to Palermo from which I have just returned let me end a pretty dull year on a high note. Taking recent trends to their logical conclusion, I have also rescinded my decision, taken when I moved to Paris, to read only French authors who started writing before the death of Camus whom I regard as France's last truly great writer. While this extreme resolution was necessary at the time, because I felt I had not read enough in French and believed that most modern French authors were mediocre, illiterate  poseurs, I decided a few weeks ago it was time to move on: so I will be reading only in English from now on, starting with the authors I have most been missing, namely Nancy Mitford, Evelyn Waugh, Trollope and Jane Austen. I will try to post regularly to this site now that things—well, some things anyway—have settled a bit.