About a year ago, after the change in the French government that led to a change of jobs for me, my old blog, that I had started keeping, in French, on a beach near Saint-Tropez in August 2005, went into limbo. The subjects I was blogging about (French politics, opera and ballet in Paris, information technology, particularly) were just too eclectic to give the site any coherent sense of direction. More seriously, I simply didn’t feel inspired to write anything about them.

It took over a year after I left the French Culture Ministry to decide what I was going to do with the old site and whether I was going to continue writing. I don’t like taking decisions quickly, and my own life was going through so much change it didn’t make sense to come to premature conclusions about what my web presence would be like.

Over the past month or so I’ve gradually decided the following:

  • discontinue the old blog and stop using that domain name;
  • delete all content of the site from period 2005-2007;
  • delete unnecessary web profiles such as Myspace (ugly and vulgar, no added value over Facebook), Virb° (let's face it, who actually has an account there?), LastFM, and Digg [i] (the simplest place to keep my links is in my Evernote profile) accounts;
  • keep a web presence on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, which I reckon are the only social sites that actually add value to me and my friends. once I know where I will be living, I will consider adding a (new) LastFM account.

I also took an opportunity to clean up my Facebook account, deleting about half my so-called "friends". If you're still on the list, that means I count you as one. If you were struck off, well, erm, think again why that happened...

I'll take the posts from here, giving the site a more diary-like, personal style, focusing on my personal environment and thinking, which, I hope, will make for a more coherent collection than my previous site.

  1. Had second thoughts about Digg and decided to keep it;