Another reason why I definitely won't be switching to an iPhone

Just as I suspected, I have found that the iPhone can only be synchronized via USB, using iTunes, to either a Macintosh platform or a supported Windows OS personal computer. Synchronization via Bluetooth, WiFi, terrestrial Ethernet or over a carrier network is not supported. This shows Apple were in such a rush to get the machine out that they didn't bother to bring it up to its full potential beforehand.

There is actually no way to interact with .Mac from a synchronization point of view except through the Sync Services framework. You cannot, for example, directly communicate with the .Mac servers using SyncML over IP on a mobile handset or smartphone to synchronize data.

Only via a cable connection, and you have to do it using one single Mac. Just like the bad old days when I was using Palm… this puts the iPhone way, way behind the BlackBerry. Plus a Blackberry Pearl is actually much smaller than an iPhone. I simply can’t understand why over-the-air (web-based) synchronisation, possibly using .Mac, isn’t offered.