Collections for men at Chanel?

Back to the Grand Palais, in the bitter cold and pouring rain, at the invitation of the ever faithful Madame de Clermont-Tonnerre, to see Herr lagerfeld’s fall-winter off-the-peg “collection.” As usual with these défilés, I’m not really convinced by the goods on offer, though totally amazed by the cost of it all, considering the whole thing lasts under one hour.

I’m also intrigued by something I’ve been wondering about for months: why does Herr Lagerfeld show men’s clothes at his catwalks that no one ever writes anything about that can’t be bought anywhere? For the second time in a row, a few male models wearing “Romantic” clothes of the type that other designers are trying to convince us to wear next winter join the girls. Very amusing, of course, but hardly serious. Does Herr Lagerfeld really intend to sell collections for men? WHen I asked Madame de Clermont-Tonnerre about this, she replied, rather vaguely, that it was just a project. Some sort of subtle marketing ploy, perhaps? I wish someone could explain.

I also wish, to be honest, that the girls could look less slutty.