Karl Lagerfeld at the Grand Palais

Just as she did last year, Madame Marie-Louise de Clermont-Tonnerre rather sweetly asked me to Herr Karl Lagerfeld’s défilé at the Grand Palais.

Last July, the heat had been unbearable. This time it was freezing. Karl had designed a circular stage around a huge white tower. We all received a blanket and a Chanel thermos full of hot coffee. I felt sorry for the scantily-clad models.

Speaking of the models, Herr Lagerfeld always seems to use the same girls, including a lot of red-heads. The contrast with the female part of the audience, lined up behind Madame Chirac and Mrs Wintour, was rather amusing.

Back at the Ministry, I was confidentially given the figures for the astronomical cost of these amusing events. You always meet a lot of people there, but they last such a short while it does seem rather a waste of money.

What about the “collections”, though? I won’t pronounce sentence, I think. Herr Lagerfeld is a charming, though somewhat flamboyant person; but I don’t feel even indirectly concerned by the stuff that all the fuss was ultimately about.